Monday, April 9, 2012

NCW Conference and What’s Coming Up


As I sat down to write this post there were a gazillion things flying around in my brain. Mostly that was due to the fact that I haven’t posted for a while and there are lots of things I’d like to catch up on.

Weekend before last was filled with all sorts of writing goodness. Much of it revolved around the Northern Colorado Writers Conference at the Hilton, which I mentioned in my last post (two WEEKS ago? Lordy). I had the chance to meet all sorts of new writers from Colorado, Wyoming, and all over the West (waving at Janet from Helena!). I also got to see some old friends, and hang out with others who felt like old friends even though I’d never actually met them in person.

On Friday I talked to a group about how to avoid self-sabotage in writing and other creative endeavors. Much of my research applies to the rest of life as well – information about willpower, decision making, prioritizing, and a lot of other things. So I’ll probably share some of that on Hearth Cricket, just because I’m having a grand old time applying some of the fixes to my own life, and I bet a few other people could benefit, too. I was surprised at how many folks turned up for the  workshop, since we hardly ever want to admit how much we can get in our own way. Admitting it is the first step, I hear…

The keynote speaker on Friday night, Jim Davidson, was inspiring as he spoke of how his journey as a writer mirrored his journey as a mountain climber. His recent book, written with Kevin Vaughn, is called The Ledge. It’s his amazing story of tragedy and survival on Mt. Rainier, and I highly recommend it.

On Saturday I led the workshop on character development. At the end we did an exercise which involved addressing characters as unusual (well, mostly unusual) metaphors. It was amazing what the participants came up with. I found myself wanting to read about so many of the characters these writers are working with.

After the conference wound down, I went and wrote in a cafe for a few hours, then went to see my writing group buddies Laura Pritchett and Laura Resau show slides and talk about their recent releases: Great Colorado Bear Stories and The Jade Notebook, respectively. Both are award winning and highly praised authors and it was great to spend the evening with them.

Other than that I’ve been working like crazy every day on Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti while getting ready for the release of Brownies and Broomsticks. Here is the list of guest posts I’ll be doing in May, and a few more are in the works. My upcoming signings will be listed there soon, as well.

In the meantime, I’m also preparing for the Malice Domestic Mystery Convention at the end of the month where I’ll be on a panel called Witches and Zombies and Ghosts, Oh My!: Paranormal Mysteries. After the convention K and I are going to spend a couple days with friends in Baltimore, so I’ll be in Maryland when Brownies and Broomsticks releases.

On Wednesday I should have a report on this evening’s festivities with northern Colorado’s Bodacious Bookworms, who are wining and dining me as we talk about Wined and Died. With a name like that, this book club can’t be anything but fun!

And on Friday? My recipe for easy peasy but over-the-top decadent brioche cinnamon rolls.



  1. Hmmm. Cinnamon rolls.

    I'm one of the folks who really appreciated your workshop on self-sabotage, Cricket. Thanks for doing that.

  2. I second the vote:.....yummmm cinnamon rolls. Thanks for the great session at the NCW Conference.

  3. Man, you're busy! It was great that you made time for the conference. I enjoyed seeing you there!