Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Got a Kindle? Get Wined and Died for $1.99

Wined and Died_1 (2)

Hey all. I knew my publisher, Midnight Ink, submitted Wined and Died for one of the Amazon specials, but I just happened across this today.

SO: I don’t know if it’s for one day only (Amazon usually sends me all the daily deals in email, but I didn’t get this one) or if it’s for the week or month.

But right now, Wined and Died is $1.99 for Kindle!


  1. I'm technically over in the Nook department. Your last e-pub was available for both. I'll wait and maybe this one will be soon.

  2. I found out that W&D is one of the 100 Kindle books offered for under 3.99 for the month of November. So it's very Amazon specific, I'm afraid, unlike the Lye in Wait offer in August. Ah, well...