Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Again!

Well, I didn’t expect my blogcation to last quite so long, but let’s just pretend that I took a European-length vacay and call it good.

Lot’s o’ things have been going on at Hearth Cricket during my self-enforced hiatus. Writing stuff. Garden stuff. Family stuff. House stuff. More writing stuff. I’m not going to hit on all of it at once, but here’s a quick update on the writing front.

The first Home Crafting Mystery, Lye in Wait, had lots and lots of lovely free Kindle and Nook downloads in the month of August, which means tens of thousands of readers who didn’t know about the series now do. That makes me happy. And thank you to the many who took the time to email me and let me know they enjoyed their free book and are moving on to others in the series. That makes me happy, too.

Of course, there was the woman who took serious issue with the name Sophie Mae, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. Still, thanks for the feedback.

wined and died large print Wined and Died, the fifth Home Crafting Mystery which came out in July is doing nicely. And the large print version will be released on October 12 – if that’s something you might be interested in.

I’m working away on my final draft of Digging Up Darla, the sixth in the series. It will be released next year, and I’ll let you know the particulars when I get them. Cover art on that to come.

On another front, revisions from the first Bewitched Bakery Mystery, Brownies and Broomsticks, arrived from my editor at Penguin. Since Darla is demanding a lot of my time I’m delighted there are so few change requests. Still, I won’t be able to resist going through the whole book again. That cover art is also being finalized.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m writing the paranormal cozy series under the name Bailey Cates. But you probably don’t know that the first one will release May 1, 2012. We (as in my cool web dude and I) are working on a site for Bailey. I’m thinking of doing another blog, focused on the particulars of hedgewitchery. See, the main character is a young baker in Savannah, Georgia named Katie Lightfoot. Katie happens to be a hereditary hedgewitch, so she knows all sorts of herbal craft and lore.

In fact, maybe Katie needs her very own blog to share hints and tips and witchy wonders. What do you think? Cuz I’m liking that idea.

What else? Well, I’m still very much involved with my writing group in Seattle, and recently I was accepted into a local writing group as well. At present the one here is made up of amazing women, and the one is Seattle is made up of awesome men (except for me, of course). So overall it’s a good balance and keeps me on my toes.

The Old Town Writing Group here is preparing for a holiday reading at a local theater, end of November. Watch for more info about that as the date approaches, too. Should be a lot of fun!

Next up: I’m posting on Inkspot tomorrow about lessons I learned from the screenwriter Stewart Stern. And Friday I’m planning a garden update for all y’all (as well as crossing my fingers that we finally get the new wood floor installed in the Sky Parlour – FINALLY).

‘Til then!


  1. Glad you're back. Just finished LYE IN WAIT last night. I'm one of those who got it free in August for my Kindle. Read the first quarter of it on Saturday and the rest yesterday. Couldn't put it down. Now on to the others. I really enjoyed the characters. Felt I got to know them. About half way through the book (do you still call it a "book" on Kindle?) I told my wife, "This author must love to cook. I think she ought to include recipes at the end of her book. Think I'll tell her." Then of course I got to the end...there they were! Thanks.

  2. Welcome back Cricket!

    I'm excited to know there will be two books from you next year.