Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Color of Distraction

color samples Dromedary Camel.

Possibly the stupidest, or at least the most redundant name for a paint color ever. Still, it’s what I chose for the Sky Parlour. The painters are here now, and I’m dreading looking forward to another day of people working in my house while I’m trying to write.

Never mind that I’ve made four trips to the paint store, trying to figure out colors. Never mind the three solid days last week of nail guns and air compressors and saws whining through hardwood as the floor went in. Or Larry the Wall Doctor stripping the dated popcorn off the ceiling and doing his very cool hand texture thing that looks like something you’d find in Tuscany.

The color of distraction is Dromedary Camel, accented by Carriage Door and Tea Light. The sounds of distraction I’ve already mentioned, along with classic rock blaring on the radio, tromping boots coming and going, and, of all dang things, a jack hammer removing the driveway across the street.

And, apparently, my whining.

But it will all be worth it. Out with the nasty, once-white Berber carpet that looked like someone repaired their motorcycle on it. Out with old, faded white paint. Out with the homely smoked glass light fixture. The Sky Parlour will be a lovely place to hang out when it’s all finished.

We call it that because it’s part dining room, part living area, part library, part plant room, with a high ceiling, a window seat where I like to write in the winter and a sliding door to the patio and upper vegetable garden. So it kind of needed its own name. Thanks to Roget’s pocket thesaurus and my friend Mark, Sky Parlour it is.

To avoid the distractions, lately I write in the early morning and into the evening. However, with my various deadlines I have to squeeze in more hours than that. So I work through the noise, like now. When not on supervisory duty, I go to libraries or coffee shops, and carry a rug in my car to spread below a particular cottonwood tree in the park.

I’m really becoming fond of that tree.

Wait – what’s that I hear? There seems to be a lull in the jack hammering! Off to the back porch to fit in a bit more work before it starts up again. Happy weekend to all!


  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot. I have to ask--how horrible and disruptive is it to get the ceilings redone? We have popcorn throughout this house, too, but never thought too much about changing it for some reason--I guess because home renovation always seems so overwhelming.

    Best of luck getting things done amidst the chaos!


  2. Ah, but imagine the Sky Parlour when it's all finished. You won't miss your beautiful cottonwood. Besides s restful spot in the park is much less inviting covered with snow. And here it comes.

  3. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x