Monday, August 15, 2011

Pesky Pests

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Last year grasshoppers completely razed my friend’s garden. She lives about half a mile away, and they ate everything down to the ground – even the carrot tops. They were bad at our house, too, but for some reason we still had a terrific harvest.

This year the garden isn’t producing quite as much. The wet spring retarded hot weather plants like tomatoes and peppers, but they’re beginning to come on strong, so I might change my mind about this year’s net take before it’s all over.

And we do have grasshoppers out there. Good heavens. They’re WAY worse than last year. The picture above is just a tiny section of onion tops – the whole bed was positively covered when I was out pulling carrots yesterday. How ’bout that crabgrass, eh? Kind of pretty in the photo with the sunshiny goodness and all.


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At one point the mosquitoes were so bad due to standing water in a field behind the house that K broke down and bought actual poison. I’m not in favor of even having this stuff on the property, but … it does appear to work. We’ve only used it once so far, when clearing brush so infested with the little suckers they literally rose like a cloud every time you walked by. But the leaf cutter above doesn’t really seem too fazed by the big, bad can of fogger, now does he?

This morning I walked by the back door and movement outside caught my attention. Dozens of cabbage moths were fluttering around the upper garden. Dozens. Very pretty. Terror stabbed into my heart, watching so many of them glom onto the broccoli and kohlrabi and cabbage.

Weirdly enough, the vegetables haven’t really been affected by either the grasshopper infestation or the moths. For a while I’d pick the little green larvae off the purple cabbage, but there haven’t been any for a while. And here and there leaves have nibbles taken out of them, but for the most part the grasshoppers just seem to be hanging out and eating very little.

Fine by me. Might be nice if they’d tuck into some of the weeds around here, though.

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  1. Oh, that grasshopper on the bug spray is classic. I don't like to poison either, if I can avoid it, but sometimes it just seems like the only way to not get eaten alive.

    Hope your harvest is fabulous!