Friday, July 8, 2011

Win a FREE Author Website

Wined and Died_1 Today is the official release date for Wined and Died, the fifth Sophie Mae Ambrose Home Crafting Mystery! And we are going to celebrate.

How, you ask? With a contest, of course. I alluded to this in a couple of earlier posts, and it starts today.

A lot of readers are also writers or aspiring writes. And the creative people over at Bizango Websites for Writers are going to give one lucky winner a free, custom designed Author Website worth $900!

This is Big, folks. Bizango understands writers, and specializes in helping establish or re-establish branding. The package includes a homepage, bio page, book or other writing information page and a way for visitors to get in touch. Plus – and this is what I LOVE about these sites – you also get the tools to update the site yourself. No dependence on anyone else and no knowledge of HTML or XTML necessary.

Check out their link to see what I mean and to take a look at some of the sites they’ve already designed. And yes, they designed, too.

I asked Bizango to tell us a little more about this prize:
“To celebrate Cricket's fifth Sophie Mae mystery (!) we're giving away our introductory writer's package, which includes a creative consultation and a glamorously simple website that launches your brand online. We're also including two free years of hosting and our easy update tools that make it super simple for non-technical people to edit text and pictures on every page.”

Two free years of hosting! Holy cow!

Here are your options for entering:

  • Post a link to this post on your Facebook page, and let me know you’ve done so by tagging Cricket McRae in the text.
  • Become a Hearth Cricket Follower by clicking on the Follow button in the sidebar at the right.
  • Subscribe to Hearth Cricket by entering your email address in the sidebar at the right.
  • Tweet a link to this post and include @cricketmcrae in your tweet.
  • Add Hearth Cricket to your blogroll and email me ( to let me know.

You can enter than once by choosing multiple options above. Entries will be accepted from now until July 29th. The winner will be announced on July 30. Good Luck!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. You can still win a free copy of Wined and Died during the Goodreads Giveaway until July 15th. There are five copies on offer, so the odds are good!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Wined and Died by Cricket McRae

Wined and Died

by Cricket McRae

Giveaway ends July 15, 2011.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

And finally, I’m beginning my blog mini-tour today over at Mason Canyon’s Thoughts in Progress. Pop on over, learn a bit about honey wine, and leave a comment.


  1. Let's see, I follow your blog, follow you on Twitter, am a goodreads friend/follower...sounds like I'm stalking you! Maybe you can just give me an entry and call it good.

    Thanks for the chance (s) to win.

  2. This is a very cool giveaway, Cricket. I'll spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.

  3. You've got it, Dean! Thanks for passing on the info, Pat! Good luck to you both.

    And anyone else who already follows Hearth Cricket is entered if you just let me know in a comment.

  4. BIG congratulations, Cricket! Come by as a guest for me any time!

  5. Done, Dad!

    Thanks, Camille! I'll email you.

  6. Okay here I go:
    1. Here's the FB post!/?sk=lf
    2. I entered my email to receive cricket mail.
    3. I have joined your site and now am a follower.
    4.I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted a link to your website talking about the contest.

    Congrats on the upcoming release and this is a great contest. I'm actually trying to plan out a site right now.

  7. Sign me up!

    I follow your blog! I follow you on Twitter!

    I just blogged about how I messed up my blog and I'm too poor (and inexperienced) to afford a custom design! LOL!

    Going to go Tweet about this now! @jessstrassner