Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week Link: This Month’s Free Ebook

holy pail For the month of July you can get the Kindle download of Curse of the Holy Pail for FREE. It’s the second of the Odelia Grey mysteries by Sue Ann Jaffarian, a fellow Midnight Ink author. If you are unfamiliar with the series, this is a great introduction!

Here’s what Booklist has to say about it:

It's only a lunchbox, but someone wants it badly enough to kill for it. Plus-size, middle-aged paralegal Odelia Grey finds out her client, wealthy Sterling Price, has been murdered, and the rarest piece of his collection, a Chappy Wheeler lunch box, is missing. The box has a curse on it--all its previous owners have met with a dire fate. Of course, it's worth a not-so-small fortune, and that kind of money makes ownership worth the risk. The list of suspects is long--Sterling's loyal secretary, his discarded fiancee, his money-grubbing relatives, fellow collectors, overzealous environmentalists, and even Odelia herself. Told in an engaging first-person narration, this is the second book in the humorous Odelia Grey series (Too Big to Miss, 2006). Libraries will want both, as Jaffarian offers the perfectly flawed alternative for readers sick and tired of picture-perfect characters. The wonderfully human Ophelia's adventures will continue in the forthcoming Mother Mayhem. Shelley Mosley
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