Monday, July 25, 2011

More Butter!

(Said in the fruity tones of Julia Child. If you’ve seen the movie Julie and Julia you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t, well, never mind.)

I’ve really been falling down on the butter front. Oh, we still use butter, but I haven’t been making much lately. For one thing, it’s summer, and unless I do it early in the morning or late at night it gets all melty while I’m mixing in the salt. Lye soap traces faster when it’s warm whereas butter takes longer to form in Ye Olde Kitchen Aid Churn.

So we’ve been eking it in out in dribs and drabs from the freezer. Last time I got quite the haul from five quarts of thick, piima-cultured cream, and it lasted quite a while. It doesn’t hurt that lighter fare rules in the summer, and most of the cooking revolves around the barbecue. But last night we had a garden salad topped with tiny bay scallops along with a loaf of my favorite asiago-basil bread from the farmers market.

“Let’s have real butter tonight!” K said, eyes lighting up.

050210 022Good: He likes real, cultured butter from cows down the road better than plain butter from the grocery store and won’t even look at yellow goo that comes in a tub.

Bad: I’m gonna have to make more butter soon.

Well, it’s not that bad. I’ll just schedule it early or late in the day. I have the cream culturing already.

072411 022

Anyway, I got the penultimate chunk o’ butter from the freezer and put it in this. I found it in a box of Family Stuff. Surely it belonged to a grandmother or great-grandmother. Nice old milk glass. Had to touch up the red with a little nail polish. I don’t even wear red nail polish, but it’s amazing that once a year or so I find I need to paint something with it.

072411 019

Last year my Nashville BFF gave me this old-school butter dish from Anthropologie. It’s the company butter dish. After all, it’s the nicest one and – bonus! – holds the most butter.

072411 026

And this is a French butter keeper I got on Ebay. You fill the bottom with water and invert the butter-filled dish into the well. That keeps it fresh at room temperature so you can actually spread the stuff.

A nice thing about making my own butter is I can shape for the different holders. I did buy an antique butter mold (also on Ebay) but when it came it was much smaller than I expected. I may be crazy enough to make butter, but I’m not going to sit around making weensy little pats for individual use like so many guest soaps.


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  1. My grandmother/mom had the same milk glass rooster butter dish!!!!!