Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Demo Derby

dust and smoke

corn dogs and fried pickles on a stick

crashing and smashing


lots of tattoos

cotton candy

lawnmower races

062811iphone 022

revving engines and spinning tires


sun beating down

062811iphone 015

forklifts remove the carcasses

lemonade for the kiddies

jack daniels and corona for the rest

062811iphone 025

motorcycle barrel racing

cowboy hats, pointy-toed boots and belt buckles the size of salad plates

ferris wheels and teacup rides

step right up and win your gal a stuffed panda

062811iphone 018

Never did figure out what the folks dressed in cow suits were all about

Greeley Stampede –June 26, 2011

Old-fashioned, crash-‘em-up fun on a Sunday afternoon


  1. We LOVE the demo derby here in Monroe, WA. We have schoolbus figure 8 races at the same show. We're going on July 4th, can't wait!

  2. Barb, the derby in Monroe was my introduction! Love the school bus figure eights and the boat races, the rollover competition and the superbee races (is that what they're called?) Also good to have it at night rather than the day, esp. when the big t-rex robot comes out and eats a VW! Hah. Have fun.