Monday, May 2, 2011

A-Z Recap

991761_alphabet_background Whew! April is over and so is the A to Z Blogging Challenge. It was the first challenge of that type I’ve taken part in, and looking back it was definitely a positive experience.

There were 1282 participants in the Challenge, up a thousand percent from last year. That speaks to the success and popularity of the endeavor. I managed to get to about half of those blogs to check out what my fellow participants were up to, though I may continue to go through the list. Hello to all you new followers and friends from this last month.

A few things I found interesting:

  • It didn’t take as much time as I’d anticipated. I hopped about twenty blogs a day, scanning for those I’d want to revisit and following a bunch of them. If I decided to skip one it wasn’t because it was a bad blog, only that it didn’t appeal to my particular set of interests.
  • I planned my Hearth Cricket posts for most of the month, figuring out what each letter might be about ahead of time. Since I determined the subject themes in advance, writing six posts a week turned out to be much easier than I’d thought. Here’s to planning the work and working the plan.
  • About one in twenty Challenge links led me either to defunct blogs or to blogs that were obviously not participating in the Challenge. Perhaps they intended to and then forgot?
  • There are some really amazing and funny people out there I wouldn’t have discovered without randomly happening upon them as a result of the Challenge.
  • Short, frequent posts are often more useful to busy readers. Taking the time to write it short makes it easier on you and me both.

Still, I’m glad it’s over. I’m back to MWF posts and a Week Link on Sundays. Expect more book news as I finish up the first in the Bewitched Bakery Series and get ready for Wined and Died to hit the shelves (and ebooks) in a couple of months!

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