Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring, Sprung

051211 049

The tulips are nearly spent, but I had to bring this giant bad boy in to grace the table.

051211 061

Trying potato sacks this year to avoid the clay soil and scale. As the plants grow, we’ll gradually fill the sacks with mulch. In the end, the whole thing dumps out for harvest. In the meantime, that little flap on the side will allow me to reach inside and harvest new potatoes without disturbing the rest of the plant.

051211 059

Each sack contains four or five potato plants – very efficient!

051211 063

Cheese Cat likes to help.

051211 070

The strawberry patch is going great guns. Lots of blooms. Bird netting goes on tomorrow.

051211 081

The lilac bushes are covered with blooms. Their fragrance curls around the laundry hanging on the clothesline strung across the back porch.

051211 084

Anyone recognize this bush? It’s growing up through a serviceberry, and I have no idea what it is. Can’t even remember if it gets berries. Help?

051211 095

Minerva doesn’t care about all the hoopla outside. Why leave a comfy bed in the window seat just to go play in the dirt?

Have a great weekend!


  1. The potato sacks are a neat concept. I'll have to check those out. Not sure if Minerva really gets it. What better reason to go outside but to play in the dirt?

  2. Well, Minerva is a fussy little thing. FYI, I got the potato sacks at Plantorium in LaPorte and also saw them at Bath Nursery.

  3. Haven't seen the potato sacks, but I'm growing my peppers and tomatoes in sacks (thanks to the deer, I can't grow anything in the ground, it seems). Your mystery vine is what we called honeysuckle, when I was growing up in MN. Not a bit like Southern honeysuckle. I love that color.

  4. You are Sooo Grounded. Check under your fingernails for proof. Sue: Best deer (and coon) repellant in Northern Colorado is original flavor Lysterine. Hang a shop cloth a little stake at each corner of the garden, more if it is a large area, and splash about a Tbsp on the cloth every three days. Only after I discovered this did we ever harvest sweet corn living on a farm out by Wellington.

  5. Cheese Cat is very cute. My cat, Anubis, is extremely jealous that Cheese Cat got to go outside when he is not allowed to. :)

  6. Lilacs are my favorite marking of spring. I hope that your clothing ends up smelling a bit like them.