Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainy Day

052511 009

Yesterday started out cloudy and chilly, and the rain came in the afternoon. It was a good day to hunker down at home, get some kitchen smells going, and do a pile of editing.

Flames crackled in the fireplace, rain pattered on the skylight and Joan Osborne alternated with the Dandy Warhols, The Beatles, and Medeski, Martin and Wood on the stereo. K caught up on email and bookwork in the living room, while I started yogurt culturing and began roasting the last of the beef bones and a pile of old carrots and onion skins for stock.

052511 001

Several frozen tomatoes cooked down on the stove with onions and garlic, filling the house with fragrance. The beef stock simmered all afternoon, adding its aroma while I set up events for a quick book tour around Seattle for Wined and Died in August. I confirmed the local launch date (July 30 at Old Firehouse Books in Fort Collins – there will be mead samples!) while a pumpkin pie baked up all spicy in the oven. I’ll post the full event schedule soon.

052511 023

Pumpkin pie in May? Well, I had the pumpkin and single pie crust. Out of season or not, it met with K’s approval.

The robins and blackbirds love the rain because the worms are easy pickin’s. Still, they looked pretty stoic sitting on their nests waiting for the babies to hatch. The blackbird nest is tucked so far into the Austrian pine you can hardly see it, but I check in with Mama Robin in the apple tree every day.

052511 019

The tomato sauce became the base for the chili relleno casserole we ate for dinner. I shared the recipe for it on Mystery Lover’s Kitchen last year. Now I have several more roasted poblano peppers thawed, so today will likely see a pot of green chili bubbling on the stove. Since we’re expecting more rain, that will work out just fine.

After dinner we took advantage of a lull in the rain to soak in the hot tub while there is still a slight chill in the air. Then I met with my writing group on Skype later and received the usual useful feedback from them on a chunk of a book I submitted to them last week (thanks, guys).

Rainy Day = Good Day


  1. Having grown up in Oregon and later in Washington, if you didn't do it in the rain, you didn't do it at all. It's wet, not deadly and sets a great backdrop for many things.

  2. I agree, Dean. Having lived in the Seattle area for twenty years I learned to do everything in the rain, including picnics and camping. But here rain is rare enough that I tend to celebrate it. At least a little. ;)