Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Walking

051011iphone 117 Lately I’ve been writing four days a week at the local community college library. It’s far enough to make the mental shift between “writing” and “other” but not so far that getting there and back takes a chunk of time out of the day.

After three hours of writing (actually editing one project and outlining another) it’s lunchtime. So I pack up my laptop and other toys and go out to the lawn to eat my brown bag lunch. Pretty dorky, but there ya go. A bit of people watching and bird watching, a few bites of sandwich or salad and a swig of tea, then back to work for another three hours.

No call from weeds to be pulled, iris bulbs to divide, or mulch to spread. No laundry or dishes or dust to distract me. And no temptations from the Internet because I disable the wi-fi on my computer to avoid the unsecured library network. That means no fact checking or research, so that happens at home. I check email on my phone on occasion, though, because god knows the world might collapse if I don’t keep on top of THAT.


I’m not the only one who spends hours and hours curled up in a chair or one of the myriad of tables, scribbling and typing. Two women and one man are there more than I am, each working industriously away at something likely college-related. Finals are over now, so the crowds are gone, but even when the place was packed it was quiet. My white noise app is ready if that should change, though.

The sign above has been posted by the walk to the front entrance for at least a month. I have yet to see a single goose, aggressive or otherwise. Which is actually a little weird, because they sure seem to be everywhere else.

It’s a busy time – what time isn’t? – but life has settled into a rhythm. My current work in progress will soon be on its way to the editor, but another waits in the wings, and another one after that along with the upcoming release of Wined and Died and the whirlwind of appearances and guest blogging that goes along with it.

But I feel like I’ve hit my stride. I think I’ll do as the sign says and just Keep Walking.


  1. I haven't seen the crazy geese there for the last few years, but we did have a nest out there one spring and they really were rather unhappy if anyone wanted to use the book drop! It was kind of fun to watch as long as you kept your distance.

    On a totally different topic, I just finished reading Heaven Preserve Us and enjoyed it immensely. Something Borrowed, Something Bleu is on my bedside table waiting to be picked up next. I enjoy the stories and love the recipes in the back. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hope you enjoy Something Borrowed, Knit Twit -- sounds like you're from FC, so you'll recognize some similarities to Sophie Mae's fictional hometown of Spring Creek.

  3. That library branch is one of our best kept secrets, I think. I like it for afternoon work, but Panera Bread may become my new morning spot. There are a lot of quiet corners and there's plenty of coffee.