Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Ares


Starting the A to Z Blogging Challenge today!

Thanks to NPR, the Minnesota Planetarium Society, and the rotation of the earth I’ve learned that despite thinking I was a Taurus my whole life, I’m really an Ares. Good old Ophiuchus threw a real monkey wrench into long-established astrological thought.


Now, astrology is not my strong suit. Don’t buy into it at all. It’s obviously pure gobbledegook.

At least that’s what I thought until my zodiacal (rhymes with maniacal) designation changed from an earth sign – creative writer, cook, gardener, fiber artist – to a fire sign.

Fire? Wha …?

No longer a strong and stubborn sturdy Bull but the God of War? Really? As an Ares, I’m supposed to be a starter but not a finisher. Energetic, workaholic, fiercely independent, quick to anger, make decisions very quickly, friendly but sometimes tactless.

Really? Well … maybe. Sometimes. Okay, a lot.

But Tauruses (Taureans?) are supposed to be nurturing, earthy and practical. Which I am, sorta. And I do finish things. I do. Not everything, of course. That would be crazy making.

Now I’m not supposed to get along with Leos. Hey, guess who’s a Leo? K is! And you know what? We get along better than any two people we know. Seriously.

Of course, the key is in the interpretations – whether you’re talking horoscopes and the zodiac or tarot cards. And knowing the supposed characteristics of different signs can be quite helpful under the right circumstances.

For example, sometimes when a character – especially a secondary character – gives me trouble I choose a zodiac sign and read about it. Sometimes – not always – that provides a spark, a framework upon which to build more of the character’s personality. You can employ psychological types, homeopathic psychology, tropes and archetypes in much the same way.

Haven’t tried making a character an Ophiuchus yet. But I will. Tools are tools, however obscure.

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