Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for Garden Update


It’s been forever since I’ve posted about the garden. This spring feels early, especially since last spring seemed to lag behind. But I went back and looked at the Hearth Cricket posts last year around this time only to find exactly the same things going on: buying berry canes and seeds, planning for the vegetable beds and lots and lots of clean up.

032911 060

Again this year we brought in branches to force: forsythia, dogwood, crabapple and apple. I love the drama of this huge arrangement – especially on the small table. They’re just beginning to show teensy leaves and flower buds.

032911 034The crocuses are spent, the daffodils heading for full bloom, while the tulips and bearded iris play turtle to the hare.

And as nature cycles along in her usual (and very welcome) way, I realize my writing projects operate in much the same way.

032911 044

This year I’m growing garlic for the first time. Planted last fall, it tender green spikes reached out of the ground about when the mulched strawberries poked their little noses through the soil. And last fall, I began writing a paranormal mystery for the first time and will deliver it to the publisher the same season I delivered a different manuscript last year. So writing and gardening activities return to a spring schedule once more: scribbling morning and night, and outside during the warmest hours of the afternoon.

032911 049

And then? Just like I’m planning this garden bed (though I have a good idea of what will happen here) I’ll plan my next book (and I have a good idea what will happen there, too).

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  1. I love gardening; I'm going outside soon to sow some seeds I soaked last night. I am doing container pots, mainly! I love this idea; I need to write more~ Good Luck!