Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Contest

Wined and Died_1 (2) It’s funny the kind of thing that can get a person’s back up. We all have reactions to different things, heaven knows, but the result of one of my knee jerk responses will give you a chance to win a copy of any one of the Home Crafting Mysteries – including Wined and Died when it comes out this July if you’d like.

When I was, er, pre-published, a writing instructor friend told me (and several others) that a particular agent mentioned that authors were wildly overusing a certain name in the submissions she’d been receiving. This agent had in fact decided that as soon as she saw that character name in a manuscript, she would reject it.

That seemed a bit like overkill. I mean, really, what kind of criteria is that in the age of search-and-replace? Changing a name in a manuscript is easy peasy. There are lots of reasons to quickly reject a query, but that just doesn’t seem like a good one.

Never mind that I happened to have a variation of that name in the mystery manuscript I was shopping to agents at the time: Lye in Wait.

I didn’t change it. In fact, now every one of the Home Crafting Mysteries so far has some version of that name.

The first person to guess (or know) what that name is in a comment here on Hearth Cricket, on Twitter (@CricketMcRae), on my Facebook wall, or even emailed to will receive a copy of the Home Crafting Mystery of their choice.

Good Luck!


We have a winner!

Ruth, who subscribes to Hearth Cricket via email, remembered that in Something Borrowed, Something Bleu there is a Sheriff Jaikes. The name the agent didn’t like was Jake, and besides the good sheriff there is a Jacob in Lye in Wait, a Maryjake in Heaven Preserve Us, and a Dr. Jake Beagle in Spin a Wicked Web.

I may have gotten that out of my system now. ; )

Thanks for playing!


  1. That certainly is a lame reason to auto-reject. Man, you didn't mention whether it's a male or female character's name...I'm going to just guess a name that could be used either way: Taylor.

    A to Z-er here. :)
    Have a lovely, writerly week,

  2. Everyone loves a Contest :)

    I agree with Lola, that is a pretty dumb reason to reject something. If it's good then why not suggest politely that a name change might be good.

    I'm going to wildly guess Harry.

    Enjoy the April Blogging Challenge.

  3. I'm totally wild guessing: Isabelle (from Twilight fame) (I happen to love the full name, but the Bella was sort of ruined for me)

  4. All good guesses! Heck, I must know a half dozen Taylors myself. ;-> A little hint: It's a boy's name. And if anyone wants to guess twice you can.

  5. What was the name that meant instant rejection? Bella?

  6. Jack? There's been a lot of Jacks. That is a really lame reason to reject a ms.

  7. Getting warmer ... getting very warm ...

  8. Both good guesses. But we do have a winner, Ruth, via email! She noticed that there is a variation of the name Jake in all the Home Crafting Mysteries. ; >