Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week Link – Blatant Self Promotion

This month I’m the featured author at the High Plains Library District. If you don’t feel like you already know enough about me (ha!) you can check out my interview here. I love that the library provides patrons information about local authors. Also, it’s cool that they took my favorite actors, music and what I’m reading now and linked to those offerings in the library catalog.

914188_detail And the winter edition of Mystery Reader’s Journal is out. It’s their Hobbies, Crafts and Special Interests volume with articles and essays written by so many of my crafty author friends. I have an Author! Author! piece in there as well, with the scintillating title of Modern Mysteries Feature Colonial Home Crafts. Issues are available in hard copy or in downloadable .pdf form. If you’re a mystery fan, this is a great quarterly periodical. Mystery Readers International members award the Macavity Award each year.

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