Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Again

Savannah is an amazing place, infused with culture and history many layers deep, wonderful people, enough seafood to give me mercury poisoning and, lucky for us, temperatures in the seventies all week.

Still, I missed a few things while we were gone. Foremost was Windows Live Writer. I use it to compose this blog (and my Inkspot postings) because it’s easy, intuitive and it, um, works. Blogger, frankly, is a pain in comparison. But I thought it would be no problem to use Blogger for a few posts from the South, so I didn’t load Live Writer on the smaller laptop we use for travel.

Big mistake. After spending over an hour trying to load a few photos for all y’all, Blogger crashed. Bleah. I gave it two more chances. More crashes. Much worse than I remember.

So no Hearth Cricket posts last week. I’ll make it up to you. Honest.

A few nice things to come home to:

half-and-half from a bottle

good, fresh coffee in bed

flannel sheets

fresh snow and sunshine

a purring cat draped across my lap

homemade chili

Saturday farmer’s market

a card from a sweet friend

one perfectly soft-boiled egg for breakfast

graph paper and seed packets waiting for a garden plan


final Wined and Died galleys to review!

Tomorrow I’m hijacking the Sunday Week Link to pass on a few of those belated photos …

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