Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pieces and Bits

The computer issues worsened before improving, and not least because of my overreaction to the virus infestation on K’s laptop. I loaded too many anti-viral software programs on my own, which promptly began to fight with each other in the background. Frustration ensued. Computer tech enlightened. Problem fixed. All is dandy … for now.

Meanwhile, life bops along with lots of writing in the morning, cooking and/or crafting in the afternoon, usually a good, long walk in the evening along with a bit of reading and socializing. The weather has been warm, hinting at spring, but I’m resisting the urge to plan the garden … for now.


121610 021

Finished crocheting the last of the string bags, and now it’s time to return to the sweater I began knitting a while ago. I’m also de-constructing a sweater bought in Scotland years ago that I never wear. I love the deep plum-colored wool, but the fit is off. All these years I couldn’t bear to donate it, so maybe now I can reuse the yarn to make something I’ll actually wear. I’m taking pics and will share the process. At this point, though, it’s just tedious, eye-straining seam ripping.


010511 045

The 1000-piece Christmas puzzle, which isn’t Christmas-y in the least and is set up some time vaguely around the end of the year, has been complete and waiting to be glued together for weeks. Now it’s finished and added to the collection.


I’m about halfway through Little House in the Big Woods. It sits on the kitchen counter and I read bits and pieces between – or during – cooking tasks. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and later I’ll devote a full post to what I’ve discovered and rediscovered about why I love those books.


Bread is rising for dinner tonight. Later I’ll pick up eggs at the CSA farm, eight of which will go into a golden brioche dough for cinnamon rolls this weekend. Tomorrow is the milk delivery, and it’s about time for some fresh mozzarella to eat with slow-roasted tomatoes that have been stored in the freezer. Not the same as sun-warm from the garden, but perfect in January. On Saturday, I’ll stock up on mushrooms, artisan cheese, and greenhouse greens from the indoor farmer’s market.

Life is good.

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