Friday, November 12, 2010

New Cover

Wined and Died_1

Yesterday I posted over at Inkspot about the new cover for Wined and Died, Home Crafting Mystery #5. It’s due date is July 11, 2011, eight months away, but it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon. I wrote about how I got the title (Thanks, Keith!), and gave a quick synopsis of the story:

Newlyweds Sophie Mae and Barr Ambrose are acting as surrogate parents to eleven-year-old Erin while her mother is away. When Erin stumbles into a dead psychologist’s notes regarding a homicidal client, Sophie Mae races to discover the identity of the potential killer. Clues lead her to the Grendel Meadery, a traditional honey winery operated by the tight-knit Swenson clan. Everyone has a secret, and soon Sophie Mae is up to her neck in deadly herbs and drug dealers while trying to juggle a handsome lothario, her responsibilities as a temporary parent, a major contract for her soap making business, and a strangely distant husband.

Sorry for the repetition if you follow both Inkspot and Hearth Cricket, but I love this new cover and had to share. Thanks to Lisa Novak for putting together another terrific design!


  1. Love the new cover and can't wait to read this book.

  2. Great cover, Cricket. I'll be looking forward to another good read in July. (And I hope you'll be scheduling a guest post for my blog around that time -- contact me soon to get on my 2011 schedule.)

  3. Thanks, Patricia. I'd love to guest on your blog again!

  4. My guest blogger this week, Joyce Elson Moore, has a post at her own blog about a book launch party at a winery. I immediately thought of you, so I put the link in Thursday's post. Or you can check out her blog