Monday, November 8, 2010

Changing Time


We have a tortured relationship, Time and I. Things go along nicely for a while, hours filling up, minutes put to good use with flow and purpose. Then things change. Time just doesn’t give me enough. Doesn’t fulfill my needs as much as it used to. I need more.

Unfortunately, it’s my own fault. I mean, Time is simply going along doing what Time does. I’m the one who gets greedy. I want Time for more things, instead of working with it to find a compromise. That’s my problem, not Time’s.

Only I can break the cycle of contentment and resentment.

So I’ve been watching for ways to contribute to the relationship by ferreting out found moments and stolen hours. This weekend I stumbled into a gem. And I’m probably not alone.

For most of the U.S., daylight saving time kicked out Saturday night. Fall back, and get an extra hour – usually spent as additional slumber. But I vowed to use my extra hour this year by applying it to the manuscript I’m reviewing for a critique partner.

Even better, for the last two days I’ve been getting up at my usual daylight saving time. So, an hour earlier according to the clock. That means going to bed an hour earlier, too. I miss out on a bit of television , which, let’s face it, isn’t much of a loss. Since I’m more productive in the morning than late at night, this new practice essentially gives me an extra hour every day.

So far so good, two days in. Ha! Only Time will tell if it’s a success in the long run, though. Wish me luck.

Are you an early riser, eager to get going on your day, or are you more productive at night?


  1. I have the same time-related contentment and resentment (love your choice of words!). Time is so slippery for me.

    I'm more productive in the morning. I'm usually up before six, so I can get some work done before my boys wake up. ("Work" being a relative term which sometimes means aimless net surfing.)

  2. I love falling back in the fall, but for some reason, I can never sleep in. What's with that? Good idea to keep getting up at the same time that you didn't during Daylight Savings.