Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Giveaway

The de-cluttering continues, and I have a big ol’ box of books to give away. Mysteries, of course. Paperbacks, all, both trade and mass market. They are all used, though many only by me. And they run the gamut from psychological thrillers to cozies. Oh, yes, plenty of cozies.

Please note that I don’t think of any of these titles as “clutter.” It’s just that the book shelves are overflowing. Something’s gotta go – to your benefit. My hope is that the winner will discover a new author or two, and get a chance to indulge in some old favorites. Since these aren’t new releases, I’m providing a list below so you can see what you’d be getting.

To win the whole shebang, between now and next Wednesday, October 13 simply hit the Follow button in the sidebar to the right, leave a comment on any Hearth Cricket post mentioning that you want to be entered in the drawing, or send me an email at to let me know you want to be included. Use two or three methods to be entered more times. And if you’re already a Hearth Cricket Follower, just let me know in an email and I’ll enter you twice. I’d automatically include all Hearth Cricket followers and email subscribers in the drawing except I know not everyone is looking to add to their TBR pile. Ha!

Here’s the list:

  • Blue Heaven – C.J. Box (2007) (not a Joe Pickett novel, winner of the Edgar for Best Novel)
  • Officer Down – Theresa Schwegel (2005) (also won the Edgar for Best Novel)
  • Missing Persons – Stephen White (2005)
  • Every Secret Thing – Laura Lippman (2003)
  • A Field of Darkness – Cornelia Read (2006) (the first Madeline Dare novel)
  • Dead Men Don’t Lye – Tim Myers (2006) (first in his Soapmaking Mystery series)
  • Knit One, Kill Two – Maggie Sefton (2005) (first in her Knitting Mystery series)
  • A Pinch of Poison – Claudia Bishop (1995) (the third Hemlock Falls Mystery)
  • Murder Well-Done – Claudia Bishop (1996) (the fourth Hemlock Falls Mystery)
  • Gunpowder Green – Laura Childs (2002) (the second Tea Shop Mystery)
  • The Nymphos of Rocky Flats – Mario Acevedo (2006) (first in his Felix Gomez, Vampire P.I. series)
  • Lost Dog – Bill Cameron (2007)
  • Photo Finished – Laura Childs (2003) (fourth in her Scrapbooking Mystery series)
  • Dead and Berried – Karen MacInerney (2007) (the second Gray Whale Inn Mystery)
  • Patterns of Murder – Monica Ferris (includes the first three Needlecraft Mysteries: Crewel World, Framed in Lace, and A Stitch in Time – with original copyrights in 1999, 1999, and 2000)
  • A Rant of Ravens -- Christine Goff (2000) (the first Bird Watcher's Mystery)
  • A Secret Rage -- Charlaine Harris (originally printed in 1984) (standalone, not part of her series')
  • String of Lies -- Mary Ellen Hughes (2007) (the second, I believe, in her Craft Corner Mystery series)
  • And finally, an ARC for Scream for Me by Karen Rose which came out in 2008

Good Luck!


  1. I would love to be entered to get these titles! What an awesome and amazing giveaway.

  2. Please enter me too! It would be wonderful to win this set of books.


  3. This is so cool! Love the idea of giving away books read by the author. Lets people connect to you in a new way, and ... it's also incredibly green. You are sooo the trend setter! :D

    Oh - and I actually have a copy of Blue Heaven. Not his best but if you're a fan its like reading the earlier Stephen Kings where you can see how he learned his craft by writing. (Ooops... did I just admit to reading mystery novels openly? This is really going to hurt my street rep. LOL)

  4. I love give-aways! Please enter me in it. I just discovered your books last week and am thoroughly enjoying reading them from Book #1 through. I'm currently on the last book and I'm already sad because I know I'll have to wait awhile for the next one. Thanks.

  5. I already have many of these, Cricket, and you know I'm always complaining about my own accumulation of books. So instead of entering, I'll just post the link to your giveaway as a Sunday bonus post on my blog.

  6. Kelley and Char -- thanks for entering, and good luck!

    rajakobson -- street rep? Really? ; - )

    Cathy -- so glad you've enjoyed the books. Good luck to you, too.

    Patricia -- I think your TBR pile might be even bigger than mine! And thanks so much for linking to the giveaway.

  7. Ok, enough with the suspense. Who won?

  8. Ah, H.B. I announced that in the post Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. ; ) M.T. Logan won.

    Thanks for entering!