Monday, September 13, 2010

Notes to Self

There will never be enough recipes in the world for all that arugula. Stop planting so dang much.

Ditto the chard. Though, admittedly, it cooks down for freezing.

091310 050

Find out what that heirloom tomato plant labeled “Early Girl” really was. It makes the tastiest, prettiest yellow sauce and juice.

091310 041

Simmering tomato sauce in the oven is easiest – no stirring, no burning, just not quite as fast.

A candle will burn away the fumes when you cut an onion. It does not, however, have any effect when grinding dried hot chilis in a mortar and pestle. [sniffle, sneeze]

091310 035Fall is the best time to put in a new perennial garden. Plants are on sale at the nurseries, you still remember what you enjoyed looking at in the spring and summer, and some things have already reseeded and can be transplanted from other parts of the garden. And next spring: Voila!

When you get the bright idea to paint the Adirondack chairs, remember you have to get in between all those little slats. Twice.

The best cure for mosquitoes turns out to be nothing more than a fan. They don’t like any wind over six miles an hour. No chemicals, no smell, no burning incense, and no weird sonic vibes.

When you have six jars of raspberry jam left over from last year, that’s a hint not to make any more this year.

091310 061There is only so much sauerkraut or cole slaw we’re going to eat in a year. Give away a couple heads of cabbage.

It is indeed possible that growing – and shelling – baby lima beans isn’t really worth it.


091310 014Even though you forgot about the Meyer lemon rinds soaking in vodka for eight months in the basement pantry, the resulting limoncello is still pretty darn awesome.

Planting corn invites raccoons. Period. And they don’t give a rat’s behind whether you put out ammonia, hot peppers, pokey wires, bright lights or even, in the end, $80 worth of electric wire which makes the upper garden look like a stalag and freaked out the cat.

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  1. I disagree, Cricket. You can NEVER have too much arugula! Looks like you had a wonderful harvest!