Monday, August 9, 2010

SMB and Upper Case

Friday I arrived to find sunny, cool weather and an enchilada feed at my friends Jane and Phil’s house. Saturday dawned chilly, and soon rain was falling. By the time I reached the Seattle Mystery Book Shop it was coming down pretty hard.

That didn’t stop the hydroplane races on Lake Washington, providing for a bit of entertainment on my drive across the I-90 floating bridge into town. Then they closed the bridge soon after and the Blue Angels put on an air show.

See, I cleverly scheduled my trip to the Northwest during Seafair. Parades and pirates, oh my. And, of course, plenty of rain. The two sweaters I packed are getting a workout.

At Seattle Mystery Books, Bill was ready and waiting for me, with a lovely display and the big leather signing chair open for business. Fran and Jeanine kept me entertained between customers and the roar of the Blue Angels overhead. I met some lovely people, some of whom came specifically to see me and some whom I simply lucked into.

080910 060 Jeanine and Fran at Seattle Mystery Book Shop

Ridley Pearson came in to sign at 2:00. What a sweet guy. As folks trickled in to talk with him we switched out at the signing station -- and I got a chance to do a little shopping. Among my purchases was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Finally. I was waiting to buy it at SMB and plan to start it on the flight home.

Then Sunday I buzzed from where I was staying in Issaquah up to Monroe to see my friends Rod and Nita. They fed me a breakfast extraordinaire, complete with apple skillet cake for breakfast dessert. Good lord, folks are taking good care of me. I mean, really. Breakfast dessert.

On to Upper Case Books in Snohomish, which is the town I fictionalize as Cadyville in my Home Crafting Mysteries. Lorraine had my books piled on a charming red-and-chrome Formica table just like my grandma had in her kitchen. Turned out the table had belonged to her grandma. Several old friends showed up for my talk and reading, as well as new friends and new fans. The piles of books dwindled quite satisfactorily.

080910 077

Hannah and Emily hanging before the reading at Upper Case Books

080910 081

My dear friend Jody came to support me in Snohomish

Tonight I’ll be talking about publishing and writing and conducting a quick writing workshop at the Snohomish Library.

Now, where did I put that sweater …

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