Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Libraries Rock!

Something Borrowed, Something Bleu is dedicated “to libraries everywhere.” I love that Library Journal has reviewed all of my books so far. That people can find my books in many libraries – some of them in other countries. That readers have emailed me and told me that they’ve asked their local library to order my books. And I spend plenty of time in the downtown branch doing research, writing, and increasing my TBR pile.

So imagine my delight when my writing workshop at the Snohomish Library filled to the brim. More than fifty people showed up, full of creative energy and lots of questions. We talked about publishing, I told the story of my journey to publishing (also told here, on Patricia Stoltey’s blog), and then I gave everyone a writing exercise focused on using unusual sensory data. It was fun, lively, and I walked away feeling energized and excited about my own writing.

Couldn’t ask for more.

Tonight I’ll be speaking at Third Place Books at 7:00, and then tomorrow I wing my way back home to a garden overflowing with tomatoes, artichokes, squash and beans, among other things. K told me he put up an electric fence to repel the raccoons (!) which may have saved the four ears of corn that are left. I’m already planning a menu around them.

The last few nights I’ve been staying with a friend in Snohomish who is an avid gardener. Here are a few pictures I took in her backyard.

081110 013  Bird feeders punctuate the riot of wetland plantings

081110 003

The pond in the grape arbor outside my window provides soothing water music to serenade nighttime slumber

081110 018  Meadowsweet

081110 048

Lucille approves of all those bird feeders

081110 036081110 034  081110 043  081110 037





Dahlias galore!

See you Friday!

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  1. How great to fill a room with 50 people there to listen to you! I wish you much success! Love your friends garden.