Friday, August 20, 2010

I’m Back

Sorry for the delay, and for going away with no warning. But I’m back.

Over the last few days I’ve had a hard time sitting down to blog. To write at all. The crazy writing and promotional schedule over the last few months came to a screeching halt after my signing on Saturday, and I looked up to see a carpet of weeds in the gardens, unpicked produce abundant and awaiting attention, at least four yard projects begun and abandoned, a house in sore need of cleaning and most of the foods I make from scratch and then freeze or can used up over the summer.

082010 028

I know writers who plug along at the writing and promotion like it’s a job. And, of course, it is. But one of the things I love about the writing life is that it doesn’t have to be a nine-to-five affair. I’m lucky – Oh, So Lucky! – to be able to incorporate writing into the other parts of my life. And the other parts of my life into writing.

It was a goal of mine for a very long time to be able to do that. Now I can, yet I still fall into old traps. Traps of guilt for not doing enough, writing enough, making enough money, working hard enough or promoting myself and my books enough.

I never wanted to play by anyone else’s rules, though. I wanted a full life, rich with words and creativity and mindfulness in as many aspects as possible. Scheduled efficiency is less effective in my case than paying attention to what is really important at any given time.

Those priorities ebb and flow. The changes keep me on my toes and keep things interesting.

081610 045 Cheese Cat knows how to be mindful. Or mindless. Hard to tell.

My writing life is integrated with the rest of my life, an organic, flowing whole. My heart fills with gratitude as I write that.

Though I haven’t posted on Hearth Cricket for the last few days, I have been thinking about this blog a lot. About how much I enjoy writing the posts and sharing aspects of my domestic life with you. I never knew I’d have so much fun with it. But there has been a lack of focus, hasn’t there? A bit of gardening, a lot about my new release lately, recipes, book reviews. Kind of all over the board.

Which, let’s face it, reflects my days and weeks, which are gloriously all over the board.

I’m not looking to turn this into, say, a focused blog where I offer writing tips three times a week. There are lots of those blogs already out there, some of them beyond terrific. And I don’t want to make this a cooking blog or household hints blog or gardening blog.

But the more I thought about what I want Hearth Cricket to be, the more I realized how close it already is: the reflection of writing and life and life and writing, each nurturing and informing the other, never really apart, vitally intertwined so that the sum is greater than the parts.


As much as I love it, this writing life can get a little complicated. It takes work and a toolbox of tricks to keep things simple and focus on what’s important.

I’ve got some ideas. We’ll see how they pan out. And feedback from you? Welcome and appreciated, as always.

Have a great weekend!  

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