Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Photos

Today I’m posting over at Inkspot about being a lying liar (also known as a fiction writer). And below are a few photos from this last weekend.



My new bookmarks. The red and teal pops!

iphonephotos725 053

View from the campsite at Vedauwoo, Wyoming late Saturday afternoon


Cheese the cat really gets the whole lazy summer Sunday afternoon thing.

iphonephotos725 064

New-to-me 50’s Lincoln Beautyware canisters from Ebay. Look at those fabulous fonts.

On Wednesday I’ll be guest posting on Alan Orloff’s A Million Blogging Monkeys. See you here and there!


  1. The bookmarkers look great. Love the photo of Cheese the cat, now that's relaxing. Neat canister set.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Vedauwoo is one of my favorite places because of the gentleness of the granite boulders. They bring me peace and I begin to feel very much like Cheese, the Cat.

  3. Beautiful photos, Cricket (and the bookmarks are awesome). I love the color contrasts in the cat photo, and the canister set is really nice. I keep my stuff in those clear plastic thingies from Bed Bath & Beyond. Functional, but not nearly as attractive.

  4. Cheese is a master relaxer, Mason. A true master.

    Linda, we didn't camp as close to the big boulders as we usually do, but the spiritual vibe was still there. And since we discovered Hermosa Road going over from Tie Siding it only takes around an hour to get there.

    Lol--I took all these photos with my I-phone, Pat -- and then mowed that overgrown lawn. I have a ton of the BB&B cannisters, too, but couldn't resist that old copper set for $16.