Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Four of No-Oven Menus

I can already tell I’ll need to do another week of no-oven (really no-stove) cooking because of the hot weather and because a week ago I was gone so much it wasn’t much of a challenge not to cook inside.

Here’s what last week looked like, though.

We were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with friends where we grilled steaks, summer squash and asparagus and ate in cool mountain air. Dessert: Klondike bars!

072110 048

Asparagus ferns

Also in Jackson Hole. Grilled lamb chops and corn on the cob with a garden salad (yes, I hauled veggies from our garden up there in a cooler).

On the road home we stopped and had a bowl of chili at Wendy’s. It’s been a while, but I don’t remember it being so sweet and yet otherwise flavorless.

072110 045

Lots of good veggies coming out of the raised beds these days.

Jerk chicken (whip together a half cup of apple cider vinegar, 2 T rum, a seeded habanero chile, a small onion, 1 T dried thyme, 2 t. salt, 1 t. pepper, 1 T ginger, 1 T cinnamon, and 1 T allspice in the food processor. You can throw in some garlic if you’ve a mind to. Marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the mixture for one hour and then grill), three bean salad (using frozen green beans from last years garden) and garden salad (lettuces, carrots, tomato, cucumber, scallions, green pepper, basil, and parsley).

072110 043

First time growing corn – there are actual ears forming now!

Meatball subs (cooked the meatballs on the grill in a cast iron skillet I picked up at the thrift store) with home-canned marinara sauce a friend gave me, store-bought buns and a pickle plate (cucumbers, beets, beans and asparagus all pickled last year).

Cubed pork tenderloin tossed with Worcestershire sauce and lime juice then grilled on skewers, new potatoes and carrots from the garden cooked in a foil packet with butter and lots of fresh herbs, garden coleslaw and the last jar of applesauce from last fall.

Tonight we’ll slice the leftover jerk chicken and layer it with sharp cheddar between tortillas for quesadillas (again using the new-old cast iron skillet on the grill). There’s guacamole in the freezer, as well as a bit of last year’s salsa and fresh piima cream for dipping. (Can you tell I’m trying to clear the freezer before preserving this year’s harvest?). If the milk delivery comes in time I might make up some mozzarella this afternoon to go into a caprese salad with sun-warmed tomatoes and basil from the wishing well.

072110 035

Edgar the bird and herbs in the wishing well

See you Monday!


  1. You must have several excellent culinary genes. I have none. My sister got all of them.

  2. Your raised beds look wonderful, Cricket. I've been focusing on salads on these really hot days. Adding lots of extras to spinach and greens, like artichoke hearts and beets and avocado, make all the difference in color and taste.