Monday, July 5, 2010

Borrowed and Bleu Trailer

I confess: Creating the video trailers for my books is a LOT of fun. It appeals to that part of me that really wants to be a film director. Heck, maybe there's still time for yet another career, eh?

Here's the one I made for Something Borrowed, Something Bleu.

Making this video at cost $3. It's very easy, and simply consists of combining images and text (and video, if you want -- like the blood dripping down the white background). Once you have everything arranged in order, you select the music. The tempo of the music will affect how the images and text are rendered into the final video.

Then you run everything through the rendering software (which consists of clicking on a button). If you don't like the result you can re-render your video, or edit the images or text and try again. All for the original $3. If the video is less than thirty seconds, it's free.

Animoto also offers templates for video cards, background themes, and copyright free music selections. I haven't looked at the cards, so I don't know if they're cute or silly or what. The musical selections can be limited, especially if you're looking for songs sans lyrics. You can also use your own music, but be aware of copyright infringement issues.

So I'm thinking this might be a fun way to do a Christmas/holiday letter, eh? What do you think? Pictures of the kids (and/or pets), that family vacay, the piano recital, etc., along with key pieces of text (there are strict character limits) to explain the photos.

Any other ideas?


  1. Nice video and I especially love the music.

  2. Thanks! I was happy to find The Entertainer offered on the animoto site. It's the perfect kind of music for Sophie Mae. ; )

  3. Great job! I made a book trailer for my Christmas book. Took me hours. You have the talent. I just hired a gal to do a book trailer for my next book. Oh well, live and learn. ;)

  4. Oh, by the way, I have an award for you on my blog. :)

  5. Kathi, I love that you hired someone! Stick with the things you enjoy. And thanks for the award ; - )