Monday, June 21, 2010

Wyoming Mystery Author Weekend

Happy Solstice and Belated Happy Father's Day!

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It was a weekend of Wyoming mystery authors. Saturday afternoon Craig Johnson spoke at Old Firehouse Books downtown. He's an engaging speaker, full of crazy, fun stories and down home attitude. He also hails from a part of Wyoming where I've lived and have family. The telling details are right on the money, and his writing is smart, layered and sprinkled with dry humor.

I'm way behind on his Walt Longmire series. He gave me a copy of Dark Horse when we ran into each other at Bouchercon in Indianapolis last year, but I saved it because I hadn't read #4, Another Man's Moccasins. Which, by the way, I've already delved into since picking it up two days ago. A copy of his newest, Junkyard Dogs, is sitting on the bedside table as well.

Then on Sunday I met up with Barbara Graham and Patricia Stoltey after Barbara's signing at the Loveland Barnes & Noble. We had dinner and chatted about writing, publishing, promoting and our current works in progress. Barbara is from Cody, Wyoming, so I got a double dose of western humor. Her quilting mysteries are set in Tennesee, however. She's promoting the second one these days, Murder by Artifact. I'll be starting the series with the first, Murder by Serpents, however.

Barbara recently guest posted on Patricia's blog about her path to publishing. Once again it turns out that persistence pays off.

I'll be telling my path-to-publishing story on the same blog on July 8. See all of my upcoming guest posts as well as my signing and event schedule here.

The weekend was also full of Junior League Garden Tour madness in our neighborhood. I'll be posting about that on Wednesday, with plenty of pictures.

See you then!


  1. Looking forward to your upcoming post. I enjoyed Barbara's post on Patricia's site and I've read good things about Junkyard Dogs.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Thanks, Cricket... Like I needed a few more authors to add to my already Mt. Everest of a TBR pile! But your descriptions sound so good I have to check these folks out.

  3. Hi Cricket. Thanks for linking to my blog and to Barbara's guest post. She is such a fun person to be around that I really wish she lived a little closer. It's like we're here in the farmhouse and she's out there in the back 40.

    I had a great time with the two of you on Sunday. We'll just have to do it again one of these days.

  4. Mason, I'm looking forward to guesting on your site on July 1!

    Sorry Shel. ; - ) Still, what can you do?

    I had a great time, too, Pat. Barbara's a hoot, and it's always fun spending time with you.