Monday, June 7, 2010

New Book, Signings, Rhubarb and Eggs

A bit late today -- blogger was offline for a while. Prepare for randomness and lots o' links.

Last week my checking copy of Something Borrowed, Something Bleu came in the mail. I'll be reading through it over the next few weeks, searching for anything egregious that will need to be fixed in the second printing. The added bonus is I'll reacquaint myself with the particulars. See I've written another book since, and worked on plenty of plot ideas. But it's all coming back to me ...

Sliding the ARC out of the envelope a while back was certainly a thrill, but this is the real thing. The first time you hold a book in its complete form is always special.

I'll be wandering up to the Seattle area in a couple of months. Look for me at the Seattle Mystery Book Shop on August 7th, and at Third Place Books on August 11th. These are two of my very favorite venues ever. I hope to see some of you there, and as more signing/reading venues crop up I'll let you know.

On Friday I posted a recipe for grown up Gel-O shots, so naturally this weekend the Splendid Table on NPR featured the Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn. She specializes in grown up Jello recipes, and her blog has really taken off. One of the recent recipes was for a rhubarb-rosemary gelatin salad from Simply Recipes. Though I've been reading Simply Recipes for a couple years now, I'd missed this one. And since reading Linda Henk's post about rhubarb, I've had rhubarb on my mind.

Unfortunately, the one plant I put in didn't make it. Just flat out died. Luckily, I have a neighbor who has more than they can use.

Ever wonder what the difference between CAFO, uncaged, free-range, organic, pastured, grain-fed and UEP certified eggs? All those labels get pretty confusing, and most mean pretty bad lives for the chickens laying the eggs. Check out Kitchen Stewardship's post which gives the lowdown on what they all mean. Pastured is best, by the way.

Time to go out and weed some more. I will prevail!

Really. I will.


  1. Mentioning rhubarb and eggs in the same post made me thing of the rhubarb custard pie I used to make many years ago. Lost the recipe in one of my moves, but it's probably just as well. It was wonderful, so good I used to eat it for breakfast (as well as lunch and dinner).

  2. Linda was talking about a rhubarb custard pie, too! I've never run into one before.

    And pie is a traditional breakfast food! The second Saturday in February is National Pie for Breakfast Day. ; - )

  3. Well, I'll have to post the rhubarb custard recipe. My aunt in Ohio passed this one on. She regularly wins prizes for her pies. Cricket, when you're done weeding, want to come over to my place? I have some, too, that you can pull.

    I'm looking forward to reading "Something Borrowed, Something Bleu."

  4. Linda, I'll head right over after I'm done weeding. Ha! Like I'll ever be *done*.

    Looking forward to that pie recipe.