Monday, June 28, 2010

Butt Glue

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The best advice I've ever read or received from anyone came from Richard Rhodes' book How to Write, Advice and Reflections:

"Apply Ass to Chair."

I have come to refer to this practice as applying butt glue. So, perhaps unfortunately, has K. As in, "Are you going to apply some butt glue this afternoon?"

Which translates to, "Do you plan to hole up in your office this afternoon, or can we go golfing?"

For a long time butt glue was applied primarily to my office chair. It can also be applied such places as the divan upstairs in the Cups coffee house, the corner chair at Dazbog Coffee, in the "Quiet Area No Talking!" section of the downtown library, and the teal recliner in the library at the Northern Colorado Writers Studio.

Recently, though, I have discovered that butt glue can be applied to the most wonderful of venues: the backyard hammock.

I settle in with a big glass of something cold dripping condensation onto the table beside me. The dappled shade from the cottonwood tree cuts the glare from my laptop screen, and it's amazingly easy to lose myself in work.

Gone are the usual distractions. I can't hear the phone ring inside, nor the dryer stop and demand I fold the clothes NOW. My to-do list is out of sight. So is the pile in my inbox. I prioritize three things from the list and concentrate on those alone.

There's no reason to keep an eye on the time because the venue isn't going to close. I have no desire to get up to see if anything interesting has mysteriously appeared in the refrigerator. The only sounds are bird song, the leaves twisting in the wind and an occasional car. Puffs of cotton swirl through the air like something out of a fairy land.

Twice in the last week four solid hours slid by without my knowing. That's a lot, at least for me, to not even notice. And I felt refreshed instead of drained.

Is it some kind of feng shui? Maybe the elimination of choices that usually surround us all the time? Feeling like I'm being lazy when I'm really getting a lot done?

Whatever the answer, the outdoor living possible in this clime right now is precious. Already most of the cooking, eating, reading, phone calls, gardening, and socializing occur outside. Now that I've discovered the hammock is amenable to butt glue (back glue? hrmm ...) I may not go inside until September.

When it will probably snow.


I have a special treat for you on Wednesday. Something Borrowed, Something Bleu officially releases on July 1st, and so does Deborah Sharp's Mama Gets Hitched. So we sat Sophie Mae's mother, Anna Belle Watson, and Mama, aka Rosalee Provenza, down with an interviewer to talk about their daughters, weddings, and their pesky authors. Stop by to see what they have to say!


  1. I'd say the hammock is the perfect place to apply butt glue. But then so are the two coffee houses you mentioned too (since I love coffee). Can't wait to see what Anna Belle and Mama have to say.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. On the other hand, applying too much butt glue...well, you know.

    I haven't even tried to work outside with this laptop yet, but with the glorious weather we've been having, I think I should give it a shot.

    Tomorrow's post sounds like fun, Cricket. I'll be back.