Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Future of the Past

Recently I attended the Sophomore IB Open House at a local high school to check out all the kids' projects, especially the one completed by Key Lime. She wrote a novel as her project, which I posted about a few weeks ago.

Here she is with her display. It can't even hint at how much work she put in on her book. I'm so proud of her.

There were so many cool projects there. On the writing side, there was a children's story, formatted and made into a saddle-stitched book, a mainstream YA novella and a science fiction novella. There were visual artists galore, with amazing talent. One girl put together a musical dressage routine and then filmed herself (and her horse) performing it. Another filmed herself training a police dog.

Green energy -- from creating a solar panel to converting a car engine to burn cooking oil -- was very popular. A boy made a wooden surfboard for the ski slopes, quite different from your typical snowboard. A group of kids formed a band, wrote some songs and rocked out in the corner as we all wandered around taking everything in. Another girl made this mechanical heart.

I would have taken more pictures, but my camera battery tanked. I especially would have liked to document those projects near and dear to my home crafting heart.

A girl learned how to make sourdough levain using the yeasts in the air, and then spent months learning how to create beautiful artisan bread. Another wanted to design knitting patterns for publication -- she created a portfolio of patterns and knitted several hats in different designs. A boy learned how to cook and wrote a cookbook. There were projects involving baking, cake decorating, catering and several sewing projects. Last, but not least, outside there was a chicken "tractor," a movable pen for pastured chickens, complete with hens clucking inside.

How great is that? Here were teenagers interested in doing things from scratch, in keeping the skills that used to be necessary to survival alive in this increasingly technological age. The considerable and varied skills on display impressed the heck out of me. The future of the past is encouraging.

Oh, and that sourdough bread was really yummy.

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  1. This sounds like a great group of students. Some of their project are amazing. These type projects should be encouraged in all schools.

    Thoughts in Progress