Friday, April 2, 2010

Egg Drop Soup and Kitchen Express

Last evening I walked in the door right behind K. It was after eight, dark and rainy outside.

"Do you have something planned for dinner?" he asked as he got the fire going.

"Nope." I looked over at the carton of CSA eggs I'd picked up on my way home. "But whatever it is will have eggs in it."

Using all those wonderful, pastured, organic eggs can be a challege. A dozen a week for the two of us, and we're not generally heavy breakfast eaters. But no way am I letting any of them go to waste. Luckily, eggs are incredibly versatile.

Outside it was cold and wet. What I really wanted was something savory and wintery and satisfying. Yet spring has sprung, and we're also craving lighter fare. The perfect solution was egg drop soup.

I use the recipe from Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express. It is a fantastic cookbook. Why? Because all the recipes take twenty minutes or less. They focus on limited but fresh, real ingredients. And the kicker is they are organized by season. I also love how he writes the recipes. Here's the one for egg drop soup:

"Bring a quart of stock (chicken or vegetable) to a slow bubble; gently pour four beaten eggs into the stock while stirring. Add soy sauce to taste and garnish with some chopped cilantro or scallions; a little sesame oil is nice, too."

That's it. It took about ten minutes. We each garnished our own mug of soup -- I used both cilantro (frozen from last year's garden) and scallions (recently pulled volunteers), and the sesame oil. I also added a few drops of hot chili oil for some chemical heat.

So simple. So light. So satisfying.


  1. Love the way that recipe is written. Thanks for the tip on the cookbook. I'll have to pick it up for a friend of mine who also loves to cook by the seasons!

  2. From that same cookbook we had the mussels steamed in white wine and BLT salad for dinner last night. I hope your friend likes it!

  3. i love egg drop soup, i must suggest it to my wife.

  4. You know what? I never knew this soup was so easy to make, and it's one of my favorites. Thanks!

  5. Before I stumbled across this recipe I'd never thought about how easy it would be to make. I use a whisk and pour the beaten eggs in quite slowly to avoid getting a big glop of poached/scrambled egg. ; - )