Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever. Sort Of.

Okay, so it's not spring yet. But the near sixty degree temperatures on Saturday belied that. There's so much to clean up and get ready for the next growing season, I'll jump at the chance to work in the yard -- at least for now.

So it was a busy weekend at Hearth Cricket. Thursday evening I drove an hour and a half to talk to a group of writers -- and readers -- at the Koebel Library in Centennial, Colorado. They were a lovely group of ladies, and quite good writers as well. The evening energized me, and though it was late when I got home I wrote for a couple hours before bed.

Friday it was time to clean the messy raised bed area at the south end of the backyard. The winter was pretty hard on it.

Then on Saturday, K and I built the last two boxes we've been putting off. The one closest is eight feet square, though set at an angle. The one in the middle has been in use for two years already, and is an asymmetrical hexagon. The box on the far end is a pentagon, just to shake things up a bit more.

Sunday was cold and threatened snow. But the eight-by-eight box inspired a trip to the nursery. It'll be a perennial vegetable bed, and some of the plants I wanted will scoot out the door quickly. I picked up two-year-old asparagus roots (Martha Washington and Jersey Knight), horseradish cuttings, strawberries and rhubarb. They're tucked in the garage, all ready to go out in another month or so. The bed will also host as many artichoke plants as will fit.

Couldn't stop there, though. There are some perfect spots along the fence for berries, so I picked up four raspberry canes (Red Latham and Jewel) and a blueberry (Jersey).

And as long as I was there, it seemed like a good time to pick up some seeds.

So this weekend my writing came first and last, and mostly in the dark. The garden took up some of the middle of each day. The two activities fed and nurtured one another -- and me.

By the way, I've also blogged about a recent phishing scheme that hijacked my facebook and email accounts last week over at Inkspot today. I've included a few tips on the best kinds of passwords and how to avoid similar scams.


  1. Looks like you've got a good start for spring. I sometimes get carried away buying seed packets and then never plant them. I'm looking forward to getting some new herb plants soon.

  2. I admit, I found a packet of carrot seeds from last year exactly like the ones I just bought.

    ; (

    It sounds like you have a terrific herb garden. Have fun!