Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was busy but relaxed. Friday it snowed, and Saturday dawned clear and cold. So much for yard work. Still, there was plenty to do inside.

Snow meant an opportunity to cook up a big pot of vegetable beef soup in the pressure cooker. So good, and fast, too.

The house needed a good scrub, and it got one. Except the guest bedroom. That still needs a little attention so it will be ready for drop-ins.

Fire dancing merrily away, I had ample opportunity to curl up on the sofa to review the Something Borrowed, Something Bleu galley proofs I'll be sending back to my editor next week.

At the same time, the next great sourdough experiment fermented on the hearth. Whole wheat this time. The results were far more pleasing than the last loaf. Though the crumb is quite dense, it's also remarkably tender. The second rise is likely unnecessary and creates a strong tang in the bread. I like it. K doesn't so much. More bread for me! Next time I'll mix a sponge the night before, then allow a single rise the next day before popping it in the oven.

We ate the small loaf with a ham-and-cheese souffle and salad. The larger loaf is in the freezer.

Even with low temps the sun was warm on Saturday afternoon, and K and I took a long walk.

These forsythia branches are ready to force, and will provide a little early spring inside the house. They inspired me to update my garden journal. Out with the velvet covered book with the thick handmade pages, and in with a smaller, red leather affair. Much easier to carry, hardier, and with ample pages for lots of notes.

I started a ginger ale bug (left). I'll feed it sugar and ginger every day, and it will pick up yeast from the air and ferment in two weeks. This is part of my research for the Home Crafting Mystery I'm working on now.

Wrote several pages of that book, and edited even more. I love spending time with the characters. They feel like old friends who come for a good long visit. I feed them situations, and they work on my dreams.

Potted some thyme for the window garden. Reviewed the pieces my critique group sent out. Made chocolate brownies.

Sunday was drippy and warm. More writing in the morning, and then I planned out the week ahead. There will be a coffee at the Northern Colorado Writers Studio on Tuesday morning, and my critique group meets that night. It might snow. A good writing day to look forward to. And later in the week I hope to tour a meadery in a neighboring town.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend indeed. We finally had a touch of spring on Saturday. The sun came out and it was in the low 70s. Made me want to start planting, but I knew better. Notice I didn't say weekend. Sunday was cold and raining. Today we have some rain, high only in the low 40s. Guess it was a short spring. :)
    Hoping for next week.

  2. This is the time of year when spring is such a big tease. Warm temps that make you forget the cold -- and then the brrr returns. Here it should be in the 60s today, and then back down in the 30s by Wednesday.

  3. Cricket, you paint a wonderful picture of a cozy home with lots of interesting things growing and baking...and your photos are so good.

    I had sourdough starter in my fridge for a couple of years when I lived in Indiana -- I mostly used it to make awesome cinnamon rolls. I'm betting whole wheat cinnamon rolls would be even better, maybe with some pecans and extra brown sugar? Okay, enough of that...

  4. Yum, sourdough. One of my all time favorites was one made from 100% buckwheat flour. The pancakes had this yeasty, alcoholic, sour/sweet aroma. Their texture was like lace, lace that soaked up maple syrup or local honey in such a delicious way.

  5. Cinnamon rolls? Lacey buckwheat pancakes? Both sound delish! [stomach growls]