Monday, February 22, 2010

A Quiet Weekend

It was a snowy weekend at Hearth Cricket. The fluffy stuff fell steadily, so I brought Ye Olde Laptoppe up to the kitchen to watch the doings in the winter wonderland outside, be by the fire, and keep an eye on the oven. I can't help it: Snow storms require a fire on the hearth and the heady scent of something baking.

A loaf of still-warm bread went to the neighbors who so kindly watched over and fed Cheese while we were in Mexico. Cheese is our orange tabby, sometimes referred to as "Cheese Louise". As in, "Cheese Louise, will you knock that off!" Ironic that this statement usually comes right after he has, indeed, knocked something off.

A comment on my last post about preserving the summer harvest reminded me of a bag of pie cherries in the freezer. Not exactly in the mood for pie, I trolled through some old recipes looking for something along the lines of a crisp or clafouti. Instead, three different chocolate cake recipes came to hand. Mmmm. Chocolate cake. Why not ... cherry chocolate cake?

Even better! I know because I ate a big piece for lunch.

Sunday morning friends out on a chilly walk dropped by for blueberry muffins and coffee. We watched a dozen white-tailed deer trek into the yard, pawing in the snow to get at the last of the crab apples and tidying up the roses by nibbling up all the dried hips. They were small and sturdy, a few only the size of a great Dane, with thick, luxurious fur to guard against the cold. Their dark, wet eyes turned toward the window when we approached. They're rough on the landscape plantings, especially the bark on the aspens, but I so love to watch them.

Unfortunately, they scampered when I ventured out to take a picture. Next time I'll be sneakier. Instead I took a couple shots of the frozen rain chains on the corners of the house.

The afternoon I spent writing, shoveling the driveway, and then writing some more. Chili and cornbread for dinner, with a bit of the Olympics on the box for dessert. Well, that and more cake.

I hope your weekend was restful, energizing, and pleasant.


  1. We finally had a few hours of sunshine over the weekend, but today it's cloudy. To make matters worse, we have another chance of snow on Wednesday. I know our winter hasn't been as bad as some, but for Georgia it's been bad. We're not suppose to have that much snow.

    The baking with a fire in the hearth sounds wonderful and the right place to be.

  2. Mason, I don't think of Georgia as being snowy at all. Are there issues with keeping the roads clear?

    Stay warm!

  3. There are problems with the roads in the county, but the main highways as well as the streets in town are usually cleared pretty good.

  4. You paint a wonderful picture -- almost (almost) made me stop wishing the snow would just go away.

  5. And two to four more inches coming in tomorrow, Patricia. Ha!