Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to Hearth Cricket

I write the Sophie Mae Reynolds Home Crafting Mysteries published by Midnight Ink. Each book in the series features a different colonial craft as the backdrop to the murder -- or murders.

Sophie Mae has an online handmade toiletries business called Winding Road Bath Products, so the introduction to the series, Lye in Wait, is all about soap making and murder. In the second, Heaven Preserve Us, the focus is on food preservation (and botulism!). In Spin a Wicked Web, Sophie Mae learns how to spin yarn. And in Something Borrowed, Something Bleu -- due out July, 2010 -- she learns about cheese making and cultured milk products.

Sophie Mae begins the series as a widow in her mid-thirties. She lives with her best friend Meghan, Meghan's daughter and an old Pembroke Welsh corgi in the small town of Cadyville, Washington. She stumbles into suspicious deaths. She finds bodies. She pokes her nose into things. She makes people mad. She gets to the bottom of things.
And there's a lot more information about the books -- and me -- at

So. Because I'm a mystery author, writing and books will be frequent subjects here. However, due to my many domestic obsessions it will not be just about writing. Or books. See, all that home crafting stuff? I do it. I love it. And I want some more of it.

That means posts will also include my various experiments, successes, failures and discoveries. There will be recipes -- for food and for soap and bath products. I'll review mysteries -- and cookbooks. I'll provide a household hint on occasion, recipes from the meals in my books, as well as information on writing in general and what is going with my particular writing projects at the moment.

I'll talk about food here. A lot. Slow food, real food, often local food. Also expect musings on knitting and fiber art, gardening, and my current research into wine and mead making. Come along for the ride, and let me know what you think as we go.

After all, a Cricket on the Hearth is good luck.

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